Basic tools

If you are new to paper modeling you might find this useful.

The basic tools I use are

  • modeling knife / scissors … to cut out and score parts
  • ruler … to assist cutting out straight lines
  • glue … well to glue parts together 🙂
  • cutting mat … as to not damage the table you are working on!

You might want to download and read this Building_tips.PDF I have created which covers the basic steps for building paper models.

Other tools I like are

  • chopstick … to help reach areas I cannot reach with my hands/fingers; also to assist in rolling tubes etc
  • toothpick … same as chopstick for smaller parts and also to carefully place glue on small areas

Lazy tools I use

  • autocutter … in my case a Silhouette Portrait. It is a tool, that with the help of special files, does the cutting of the parts for you

If you still have questions, I recommend forums like Paper Modelers forum. Furthermore there are lots of
video tutorials on Youtube.

Finally, have a look at this great comprehensive Paper Modeling Guide from Jerry Jensen

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