Moisture vaporator and homestead base model

Michael Knobloch was so kind and generous to make his scratch built models available.

You can see the models of the moisture vaporator and the base used in his great diorama.

Follow the progress of his work in this thread (german forum):

The files are without instructions but with a little help from the images you can guess how they go together. If anyone makes instructions let me know 🙂
For the basement it’s a good idea to reinforce with strong cardboard to make it sturdy.

Vaporator model

9 Replies to “Moisture vaporator and homestead base model”

  1. I was wondering if there will be any help soon for the building of the Vaporator? Not trying to push but before I can start the whole model I want to be sure I can build all part and also wanted to know where you found all the eye candy(as I call it)parts you added around the base of the settlement? They add so much to a already great model. Thank you. wc

  2. Is there anyway you could make a one sheet with the number of the parts and a second on showing where each part is installed? I keep staring at the model and all the different pages but I’m having real problems understanding how and where. Maybe after I can see the where part of this model parts goes I will be able to understand how. If I’m asking to much please let me know. Thank you for your all you kind help. wc

  3. I give up on this one. No matter how I look at it and cut out a few parts I just don’t understand this model at all. Sorry, I. I really did. Beautiful model. Thank you very much. wc

  4. I find myself a bit too stupid to build the Vaporator . I have studied the photos but there are aspects of the model I just can’t put together. Some parts no problem but not enough to build this model. Does any one have instructions on which parts go where. Sorry to be so lost on this. Thank you for any help anyone can offer. Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy Safe New Year. Peace in 2017. wc

  5. Many thanks for the help of building this awesome model. Once I can get back up and back into modeling I will look forward to stilling at my modeling table and working on this. This one will be for me. Again, my deepest thanks wc

  6. Sorry to be the stupid one in the group but I could really use the instruction for the Vaporator model. Looking at it and the finished model I have no idea how it goes together. I hope it’s not to much to ask after you have created such a beautiful model of the Homestead. Thank you. wc

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