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Savages Settlements: Small Huts released

Introducing the first set in the Savages Settlements series: the Small Huts.

SSSH1 small huts promo picture
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If you need housing for your wild and savage folk, like Barbarians, Orks, Goblins and Dino hunters, then this is a set for you!

Build Small Huts in hundreds of variations. Create a small outpost or a full village!

Ideal for roleplaying or wargames. Combine with paper, plastic or metal miniatures.


  • Small hut model
  • open and closed door option
  • open and closed roof option
  • 3 main colors
  • 3 shades
  • multiple decorations
  • 3 Ground Tiles
  • 2 generic and 1 hut base version
  • hex hut base version
  • rocky and plants version
  • 1″ grid version
  • detailed instructions

small huts closed door small huts removable door open small huts closed top

small huts hex base small huts hexbase with hut

small huts ground tiles

The small huts have optional interior or floor parts.


The Small Huts set comes in a set of PDF files, which you can print and build as many times as you want.

Simply print on cardstock paper (90lb. or 160gsm min recommended) and build as described in the detailed instructions

Supports both US Legal and A4 paper sizes.


Choose from a variety of texture styles to build a settlement of your choice in different styles.

The walls come in three colors (brown, red, green, both saturated and desaturated) and three shades (standard, lighter1 and lighter2). In addition you cann add optional decoration elements to the walls and entrances. Add a dirt layer for weathered look.

Combining all the options will give you hundreds of unique options, so every hut can look a little different!

small huts texture variations

small huts texture variations

25-30mm SCALE

Printed at 100% the Small Huts will fit miniatures in the 28-30mm range perfectly. Adjusting the print scale you can print at other scales if required.


To save space and store safe, simply stack the huts!

small huts stacking


PDF features registrations marks and cut files are included for Silhouette Studio software compatible cutters.


You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use these PDF files.


See the Small Hut set in action (miniatures not included).

Village raid

The small huts in action

Grid gaming

The small huts in action

Paper figures by David Okum, Kevin Richard John Berry and Jess Jennings, other figures by Games Workshop and LEGO.


Orc village textures II

Once I have the basic texture figured out it is time to start tweaking the details. Have a look at the evolution of the texturing for the small huts.


Orc village textures I

One version of the Orc hut roof will be leather. This is a new material for me. Have a look at my first attempts to create this texture.


Orc village prototypes

If you get bored by yet another human village, I have exciting news for you! Today I want to show you my first ‘whitebuilds’ of the orc village huts.


Orc village sketches

In fantasy architecture I have seen all variations of human towns and castles made. But for other fantasy cultures there is not that much there. We’ve got the good guys covered. But what about the bad guys? What about the Orcs!


Vaporator released

Papierschnitzel is proud to announce the release of the free “moisture vaporator” set.


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Cut files for U-Wing released

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Basic tools

If you are new to paper modeling you might find this useful.