Samurai Castle Towers released

Introducing the first set in the Samurai Castle Builder series “The Tower” at

SCB1 tower promo picture
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Build as many towers as you like. Combine the elements to build towers of different height and textures.

Ideal for roleplaying or wargames. Combine with paper, plastic or metal miniatures.

one level two levels three levels three levels with entrance


  • Wall (4×4″)
  • Floor
  • Roof (top)
  • Roof (intermediate)
  • Entrance
  • Ornaments (optional)

All have optional interior or bottom parts

walls roof top roof intermediate entrance


The Tower comes in a set of PDF files, which you can print and build as many times as you want.

Simply print on cardstock paper (90lb. or 160gsm min recommended) and build as described in the detailed instructions

Supports both US Legal and A4 paper sizes.


To allow for easy and safe storage of the Samurai Castle Tower, instructions for building the walls as flat fold are included. The roof top ornaments are detachable.

flat fold 1 flat fold 2 flat fold 3 detachable ornaments


Choose from a variety of texture styles to build the tower of your choice or different towers.

Roof tiles come in grey, blue, green and red. The walls including the interior also come in different styles.

blue osaka matsuomoto

25-30mm SCALE

Printed at 100% the foundations will fit miniatures in the 28-30mm range perfectly. Adjusting the print scale you can print at other scales if required.

miniatures1 miniatures2


PDF features registrations marks and cut files are included for Silhouette Studio software compatible cutters.


You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use these PDF files.


See the Towers in action (miniatures not included).

tower action

tower action

Paper figures by David Okum, other figures by Games Workshop and LEGO.

4 Replies to “Samurai Castle Towers released”

  1. Hi John,

    I am afraid I don’t know much about other auto cutters. I have the Silhouette Portrait and like all Silhouette products it comes with the Studio Designer software which also is able to import SVG and DXF files.

    I suggest you head over to the cardboard warriors forum ( and ask there. That is where I ask all my questions 🙂

  2. I have some of your models and am investigating getting a paper cutter to help with cutting your type of models and also cutting paper figures. The Cricut Explore Air 2 looks better than the Cameo for the latter use. It can import svg files but the only information I can find about that is about using them to cut shapes, not guide the cutting of a pre-printed sheet. Do you know if that cutter will work with your files?

  3. Hi Francisc, thank you for the feedback.

    I like the idea about the upper levels becoming smaller (and you could probably modify the walls manually) but the roof would become too small. That is why I have not implemented it that way. With the keep walls one could make the lower levels larger. I would only need to look into making the intermediate roof files for various sizes then. I will look into this.

    As for the small “trion” roof, you could either use the one from the keep or I can also look into making a smaller version for the keep.

    About the door issue, this is the reason why I made another approach for the keep. There you have no doors but an add-on door, which you can use wherever you need it. I will put the separate entrance files into the tower too. This is a very good point.

    The size of the intermediate roof is a little larger than a tight fight. Depending on the paper it should be 1-2 mm. If this is too large for you, you can easily cut the appropriate parts a little shorter and fix it that way.

    And the bases! I am guessing you are referring to the stone foundations you usually see on Japanese castles. I have been asked about them often and the reason why I have not made them is, that I was not able to find a good solution in paper. They have to be easy to build, modular and sturdy. One thing I could do is provide textures and the users could then scratch build their bases. But I am definitely thinking about a good foundation design every now and then because I want them myself 🙂 If you have ideas about this let’s discuss this further via eMail.

    As mentioned above I will look into some of the issues I can fix and make an update. You will be notified when it becomes active.

    Thank you again for your feedback. Regards, Chris

  4. Hi,Chris! I have to congratulate for your work so far,your models are very nice.Still, is room for a lot of improvement, especially at accuracy issues,such as the yagura in most cases are built like a stepped pagoda temple,first floor is the largest, second floor is smaller aso. The typical yagura also have a small Trion, or a raised middle roof,in same way you put at your castle keep. I already wrote you about some bases for the walls,keep,towers…And there are another issues wich are bothering me : a tower or a keep have not four doors (one on each side),to correct this I had to print the second floor walls with Windows TWO times,just to discard one or two of them…,same for the base floor,you have to discard two or three walls (at the keep is even worse )…so ,not very ink friendly. Second,the intermediate roof is to large to accommodate the second floor ….is not a tight fit as I would love. I know that you designed all your Samurai Castle models with the gamers in your mind,so all these issues are not that important for them,as is for me.Maybe some future updates will do right for them,at least that’s what I hope for!
    Best regards,Francisc.

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