scratch-built First Order Atmospheric Assault Lander

I am very happy to announce the completion of the First Order Atmospheric Assault Lander a.k.a. AAL

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This year I wanted to make a new space ship from the Star Wars universe. After last years U-Wing from the Rebel forces I wanted to build an Imperial ship for a change. And after some research I found the perfect counterpart to the Rebels troop transport: the AAL from episode VII.

It only appears briefly in the movie but I liked the interesting shape. The biggest challenge was that there was not much references out there. But after watching the relevant movie scenes frame by frame and with some help from friends I was able to get a grip on the geometry. I had to make some simplifications, so that it was easy enough to build, but I hope I managed to capture both the essence and the vital details.

As with all my models, this ship is in the scale of 28-30mm figures and ready for gaming or the display shelf. The detailed instructions will show you several options, allowing you to choose a simplified or a detailed build.

This is the AAL next to last years U-Wing.

And here I have put together some terrain pieces (Lars homestead, moisture evaporator) I have made with the AAL.

But the AAL should also work with LEGO miniatures!

I do hope you enjoy the paper model. If you have questions or feedback, let me know. Contact me via eMail or facebook.

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