Cut files for U-Wing released

The cut files for the U-Wing transport ship set are ready!

U-Wing paper model

For those of you using Silhouette Studio software compatible cutters, I have released the cut files for the U-Wing paper model (both 15mm and 30mm version).

They are available for download here.

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  1. Hi Mauroesch,

    sorry for the delay. I have been on a holiday. I added the missing cut file.

    I print the PDF files with setting the size to 100% or actual size and the paper to Letter (although I am using A4 paper). I use a Silhouette Portrait and it works perfectly for all the models I make with me. Usually when I have alignment problems, it is because I forgot to set the scaling to 100%.

    If you have another problem (and me not owning a Cameo) I suggest heading over to the Cardboard Warriors forums (as I know some there do use a Cameo) and post this question there:

  2. hey there
    thank you very much for all your work
    Question. In the folder of the cutting files in the 15mm model page 6 is missing. I just purchased a cameo and I printed the pdf files and then attempted to cut them using the cameo, but the files seem to be misaligned… What is the secret to getting them cut right? I don’t think it is calibration because I can cut other files perfectly.
    Best regards and I am looking forward to hearing from you

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