Vaporator released

Papierschnitzel is proud to announce the release of the free “moisture vaporator” set.

free moisture vaporator paper model from Star Wars A new hope
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After making my Lars homestead model, Michael Knobloch made an addition: the moisture vaporator.

I took his great original design and made it a little more beginner friendly and added some texture variations.

The model comes in a couple of texture variations of the structure. There is the standard white version but also some gray and sand color. I also added a rust version. By using the layers in the PDF file you can switch on/off a couple of versions.

The model comes with a lot of small detailing options, but you can skip them if they are too much work and the model will still look great.

Printed at 100% it is compatible for miniatures in the 28-30mm range. By adjusting the print scale you can build it for other miniature scales too.

If you are interested, get it here.

I hope you enjoy the paper model. If you have questions or feedback, let me know. Contact me via eMail or facebook.

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